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If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you may have a right to fight back by bringing a lawsuit! If you are the victim of police misconduct, including wrongful arrest and police brutality, you may be entitled to a large cash award!

If you are considering suing the police for violating your rights, we invite you to Keep Reading and to “surf” our website. This is the only website developed by New York and New Jersey police misconduct attorneys that is dedicated solely to answering your questions regarding your wrongful arrest or police brutality case.

Here are the most important things you need to know:

Our United States Constitution was drafted to protect our nation’s citizens, and police officers are not above the law! They cannot arrest or detain you unless they have sufficient “probable cause”. They cannot arrest or detain you simply because they want to, or because of your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or the way you dress. Neither can other types of law enforcement officers, security guards, store managers, or anyone else, for that matter.

Also, police officers may not violate your rights by using excessive force against you. Police use excessive force when they use more force than is necessary under the circumstances. The use of “excessive force” is most commonly referred to as “police brutality”.

These are the most important things you need to know. Why? Because, while it may seem obvious that you should not be subjected to police misconduct violations, it is very easy to wonder to yourself whether the police were permitted to violate you and whether they can just “get away with it”. Do not think for a second that the police have a legal right to violate you, arrest you without cause, or beat you without justification. They do not have any such right!

Can you sue for wrongful arrest?
Can you recover money for the wrong you suffered?

The answer to all of these questions is “Yes”! You can receive compensation for wrongful arrest! In our opinion, wrongs perpetrated by law enforcement are some of the worst types of violations our clients could have ever suffered. These cases do not involve simple mistakes or “accidents”. Often times, these violations were maliciously or intentionally perpetrated by police officers – police officers who at the beginning of their career swore an oath to protect the public. Many of us have been raised to “trust the police” because “the police are our friends”, but these cases often involve a complete breach of that trust. Many people report having a very difficult time overcoming their experience and trusting any police officer they come in contact with in the future. As such, in our opinion, your police misconduct case is extremely serious and important!

To also demonstrate how serious your case is, we ask you to think about this for a moment: If a regular citizen handcuffed someone without any legal right or authority and whisked them away to be locked in a room, what would happen to that citizen? That person would be criminally charged with Kidnapping. Or, if a regular citizen decided to beat another citizen without justification, what would happen? That person would be charged with Assault and Battery or other related crimes. That person would also be and subjected to the possibility of a very significant prison sentence.

But when it comes to police brutality in New York and New Jersey, the police may wrongfully lock people in jail, or beat someone down and try to cover their tracks, and never get fired or suspended from their job. As horrible as it may be for the public, corrupt police officers who perpetrate these Civil Rights violations against our citizens will often continue to walk the streets – possibly to violate some other person’s civil rights in the future.

If you were subjected to police misconduct,

With an experienced New York City or New Jersey wrongful arrest lawyer or police brutality lawyer on your side, you can bring the corrupt police officer to Court and sue for a cash award!

Keep in mind, however, that police misconduct law is a highly specialized practice area. If you were subjected to any type of police misconduct, including wrongful arrest or police brutality, you need a highly qualified “false arrest attorney” or “police brutality attorney” to make sure that you obtain the cash award you deserve.

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